Air Conditioning

Control office temperature to create optimal working conditions and boost productivity. N Group is Melbourne’s leading air conditioning installer for small to large office buildings.

Create a climate for success in your Melbourne office


Did you know one-quarter of Australian office workers lose productivity due to unsuitable office temperatures? More than a way to keep your office space cool and comfortable, the right air conditioning system is key to your company’s productivity. 

Say goodbye to hot and sweaty office conditions during Melbourne’s summer with our range of A/C supply, installation, maintenance, and repair services. At N Group, we understand every office space is unique. That’s why we offer an obligation-free site assessment with all surveys carried out by our experienced commercial air conditioning experts.

As approved Mitsubishi Electric installers and a proud Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer partner, we offer an industry-leading 10-year installation & workmanship warranty on Mitsubishi Electric products, as well as leading brands including Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, and more.

If you’re ready to boost the productivity of your team with advanced A/C solutions, speak to a member of the N Group team today on 1300 647 687.

Keep your workforce motivated and comfortable with fit-for-purpose office air conditioning

At N Group, we understand that every office decision must be made with your budget and company goals in mind. We take the time to understand your office space and provide a custom solution that meets the unique shape of your office, your internal airflow, your fresh air requirements, and your need to feel comfortable.

When you need quality office air-conditioning and ventilation, reach out and speak to a member of the N Group team on 1300 647 687 or drop by our showroom for a hands-on demo of the latest Mitsubishi Electric office A/C models.


How to choose the right A/C solution for your Melbourne office

There’s nothing worse for morale or productivity than sweating in an office on a hot summer’s day. But while we support our clients in creating welcoming working conditions, our N Group experts help you find the A/C solution through advice, planning, installation, and after-sales support.

Ideal systems for heating/cooling offices include:

  • Wall-mounted air conditioners

  • Ceiling-mounted cassette units

  • Ducted air conditioning systems

The right system for you will depend on your office size, the number of employees, office layout, and energy-efficiency goals. If you’re ready to make office temperature disagreements become a thing of the past, let’s chat about your office heating and cooling needs.


What are the benefits of office air conditioning?

Better ventilation

The combination of high-quality design and leading brands can result in better ventilation throughout your office space. Improving both comfort and air quality with the right products, you’ll notice the difference in morale and productivity when your staff is breathing good, clean air.

Employee health

Your company is only as successful as the health of your team. Office A/C helps promote clean air which reduces employee sickness, absenteeism, and related expenses. Installing office air conditioning in your Melbourne workspace can help reduce harmful pathogens and airborne pollutants (speak to us about our range of filtering options) that create a healthy working environment.

Save money

Installing new office air conditioning isn’t a cost - it’s a way to enjoy big savings. While A/C systems do consume electricity, the alternative is to open windows and hope your team can perform at optimal levels (hint: they can’t. Anything outside of the 22° to 25° range will negatively affect job performance), and in the long run, this hurts your bottom line.

Stronger business

Office air conditioning is about creating the optimal environment for employees and customers - but that ends up benefiting you in the long run. Employees make 44% more errors when the temperature isn’t between 22° to 25°. By installing modern, energy-efficient office air conditioning systems, you’re powering your business for success.


Frequently asked questions about
office air conditioning

Yes. Just as all home air-conditioning systems must be tailored, the layout differs from one Melbourne office to the next, whether it’s an open office or using partition walls. We understand the need to tailor custom solutions that promote airflow and comfort for all employees and utilise a range of flexible features - from ducted outlets to in-ceiling cassette units to optimise your office temperature.

We use a program called Plandroid for accurate ducted A/C and all commercial heating and cooling quoting. This allows us to create a CAD-style ducting design that’s superimposed over your office floorplan and calculate how much air and what heating/cooling is required for each room, cubicle, or communal office space.

No. We partner with leading brands and models to cater to all office sizes and workforces. Whether we’re supplying a large ceiling cassette or a square-style diffuser, the air is designed to be delivered via channels that don’t disrupt employees. That means you can stand directly below an outlet and not feel a blast of air - but you will still enjoy office-wide temperature control.

We also offer A/C systems for large office spaces or high ceilings, with filters accessible from ground level. That means no ladder work to clean filters, and more time focusing on what’s important.