Commercial Solar

From small businesses to large-scale organisations, reducing your running costs has never been easier. Speak to N Group today to find out if solar power is right for your business (and how much you’ll save).

Saving costs in your Melbourne business
has never been easier


Electricity prices have soared in Australia over the past decade and as a business owner that means increased operational costs and more pressure on your financial health. At N Group, we help Melbourne businesses to take advantage of renewable energy and reduce power bills at the same time.

Offering best-fit solar solutions, we’ll consider your available roof space, your energy usage patterns, and your renewable energy goals to make sure you never pay for more panels than you need, while enjoying a system that’s optimised using technologically advanced panels and power.

If you’re ready to learn how to reduce energy costs by 40% to 50% compared to grid costs, speak to a member of the N Group team today.

Isn’t it time your business had a
brighter financial future?


Whether you’re just looking to make the switch to solar, or you’re looking to upgrade an existing commercial solar system, our skilled team is here to help. From reducing operational costs, achieving sustainability targets, boosting your PR, modernising your company, (or all of the above), commercial solar is a bright investment.

We know that one size never fits all, and work towards a bespoke solar solution across three core pillars of your business:

  • Energy consumption during working hours

  • Available roof or ground space for panels

  • Likelihood of strong financial return

When we tick those three boxes, your business benefits from a tailored approach that puts you first. Even better, we don’t outsource to third parties or subcontractors, so you’ll only deal with one point of contact from your first call or visit to our showroom, through to installation and after-care.

How much energy will a commercial solar system generate for my business? 

Melbourne is famous for its “4 seasons in a day” climate, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be short of sunlight to power your business. Victoria receives, on average, 6 sunlight hours a day. This translates to roughly 4.3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of sunshine per m2.

As a rough guide, a 5kW system can generate up to 20kWh per day. With the average daily usage for Victorian businesses around 23kWh per day, this translates to $100 in savings each month - or $1,200 a year off your energy bills.

N Group Tip: Looking for ways to get more from your commercial solar system? Consider adding a solar battery to take advantage of peak sun hours and store unused energy for later.


Isn’t it time your business had a
brighter financial future?


Cost control

Are you frustrated by the volatility of your energy bills? Solar power for your Melbourne businesses helps you say goodbye to seasonal swings in utility rates, peak consumption problems, and varying costs associated with electricity. We can help tailor a system that generates power when you need it, reducing reliance on the grid, and helping you regulate your costs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Solar rebates

The Victorian Government has put in place financial incentives to help make solar installation easier and more affordable for Melbourne businesses. With rebates up to $1,700 for eligible businesses, it’s never been easier (or more affordable) to access renewable energy and enjoy the cost-savings benefits that come with it.

Reputation management

Your reputation has a direct impact on your revenue. When your business is powered by clean, renewable solar energy, you benefit from an improved public perception. When your customers see you support the environment, you’ll have the edge over your competition who haven’t made the switch to commercial solar.

Positive cashflow

Upgrading your commercial space with solar power can help you save on energy costs from day one. Each saving brings you closer to your ‘pay back’ date when your new system has covered its costs and begins to put money in your pocket. Speak to us today for help finding the best commercial solar package for you.

Frequently asked questions about
commercial solar

This depends on the energy needs of your business and the size of the system you select. At N Group, we’ll help you find the most efficient system that suits your needs. For example, panels may vary for the same size system. A 5kW solar system could be made up of 12 x 400W panels, or 15 x 330W panels.

Absolutely. Like residential solar, designing a solar system that’s optimised for energy efficiency is key. Most businesses consume energy between 9am and 5pm, so our expert team can help orient your panels to take advantage of large energy loads in the morning if your business has a large energy load in the morning, and avoid creating surplus energy going to waste, which fails to utilise the power of commercial solar.

Yes. Outside of cost-savings, we understand that aesthetic appeal is a major consideration for your Melbourne business. For example, if your shop has a heritage overlay and a pitched roof, we’ll work with you to find a solar panel that suits your streetscape.