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Enjoy modern, invisible, and comfortable floor heating without sky-high running costs. Discover how to unlock a level of luxury comfort with N Group.

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Looking for the most comfortable and luxurious heating solution for your Melbourne home?

Hydronic heating utilises radiant heat and natural convection to generate a warm surface that’s perfect for cooler temperatures, all without any of the dust or associated allergens that central heating or split A/C systems can generate. Using underfloor piping, enjoy flexible installation options to heat individual rooms and floor types.

Whether you prefer to spend time at home in your socks or with bare feet, you’ll have a surface that’s always inviting and engineered to elevate your standard of living.

If you’re looking to elevate your standard of living, reach out and speak to a member of the N Group team today to discover more about this advanced heating solution on 1300 647 687 today.

What is hydronic floor heating?


Hydronic floor heating provides consistent, warm, and luxurious underfoot heating through a sophisticated installation of floor matting to warm your floor’s surface. As warm water is distributed through the closed-circuit piping - and powered by energy-efficient equipment - heat is created. And as heat rises, you enjoy a gentle heat that makes even the coldest of Melbourne nights enjoyable. 

At N Group, we can help customise a hydronic floor heating solution that’s tailored to your lifestyle. Our floor heating products combine energy efficiency with modern luxury, all controlled by smart technology for lower running costs and zone usage. Chat to our expert team today for end-to-end support across design, sales, installation, and management of your exciting new hydronic floor heating system.

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Discover the most efficient form of home heating

Do you love entertaining but find your floors get uncomfortably chilly during winter? Maybe you enjoy walking around barefoot but your floors feel like ice first thing in the morning? Hydronic floor heating is ideal for large spaces and works perfectly with traditionally ‘cold’ surfaces.

Suitable for:

  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Carpet
  • Polished concrete
  • Timber
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Porcelain

What are the benefits of hydronic floor heating?


Resale value

Did you know energy-efficient homes can sell for more than non-energy-efficient homes? If you decide to sell your Melbourne home in the future, hydronic floor heating will help improve the energy rating of your home and make your property a more appealing purchase as buyers won’t need to spend money to upgrade their home or lifestyle.

Clean and healthy

While home heating systems like ducted or split system air conditioners offer climate control, they can also contribute to allergens and dust particles that affect people sensitive to the air movement. In contrast, hydronic floor heating generates warmth below your floor’s surface with the convection movement of air. This makes it an allergen and asthma-friendly way to warm your home.

100% safe

Forget about worrying if you’ve left a gas heater on around the kids. Hydronic floor heating is sealed with zero exposed flames, heat, or electrical parts. Water circulates in the underfloor hydronic heating system to create optimal temperature from room to room, without risk of injury or accident.

Save money

While hydronic floor heating may cost more to install, your ongoing operating costs may be similar to reverse-cycle heating. Your savings can be between 20% to 35% compared to traditional heating systems, with higher ceiling homes seeing sayings up to 40%.

Frequently asked questions about hydronic floor heating

No. Hydronic floor heating is a silent form of heating inside your home. As warm water is circulated from an external boiler which can be placed in a cupboard or outside your home, you get all of the warmth and none of the noise.

Yes. Hydronic floor heating is suitable for a range of flooring types including timber, tile, suspended floors, or concrete. It’s important to consider variables that can have a bearing on your heating, for example, floor coverings. If you have a thick floor covering, like carpet, your rate of heating can slow down. A good design can allow for these known variables to deliver on effective systems.

Hydronic floor heating is naturally easier to install during the construction phase of your home before your concrete slab is poured as the pipes will need to be installed below the slab. This form of floor heating optimises for warmth and requires virtually no air movement. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current home with hydronic floor heating, chat with our home heating experts to discover your options. Whether it’s laying a new layer of concrete over your existing slab, or installing hydronic wall heating to deliver warmth without major disruption, we’ve got the tools and the talent to find a lasting solution.