Hydronic Heating

Did you hear that? Neither did we. Discover the near-silent and luxurious way to heat your home or business with stunning, market-leading hydronic heating through N Group.

Enjoy luxury heating solutions
with hydronic heating


Imagine climbing out of bed on a cold, chilly Melbourne morning and stepping onto warm, comfortable floors whether it’s tile, carpet, timber, or concrete slab.

With hydronic heating, that level of comfort and luxury is easy. At N Group, we offer a full design, service, installation, and maintenance across a range of hydronic solutions.

  • ✔ Comfortable
  • ✔ Silent & clean
  • ✔ Responsive & efficient
  • ✔ Heat your whole house
  • ✔ Safe & kid/pet-friendly
  • ✔ Integrate with your home solar

From underfloor heating to stylish designer radiators and wall panels, it’s never been easier to upgrade your standard of living with modern, functional, and energy-efficient heating.

How would it feel to heat your home using free electricity generated by the sun?


At N Group, we champion holistic heating and cooling solutions that make your life easier with energy-efficient products designed to reduce your energy bills and improve your quality of life.

Our service offerings combine solar panels, air conditioning, and hot water heat pumps for a home that’s energy-efficient without compromising on quality, style, or output. With more and more homeowners and business owners thinking about sustainable heating and cooling choices, hydronic heating is a popular choice.

With an array of options across style, heat source, placement, and brand, we can advise you on the best hydronic heating system for your home. Whether you want heat transferred as radiant heat, or directly through your floors, we’ve got a solution for you.

Explore our hydronic heating solutions

Hydronic Floor Heating

Increase your property’s ambient temperature with smart heating solutions that distribute hot water through a system of installed pipes under your floors.
Don’t let the simplicity of this heating technology fool you. Hydronic floor heating provides gentle, relaxing warming without many of the drawbacks of traditional heating.
If you’re ready to elevate your standard of living (and happily step foot on the floor in bare feet during winter), click below to learn more.

Hydronic Wall Panel Heating

Looking to make a smart home heating choice? Hydronic wall panel heating provides comfortable, toasty heat for your home or business that’s never oppressive, dry, or stuffy.
With space-saving wall units it’s easy to shape your space whether you’re working with a large retail space or a small home bedroom.
Fast and efficient at generating heat, you’ll also enjoy the most efficient and comfortable method too. Click below to learn more about the advantages of hydronic wall heating.

Frequently asked questions about hydronic heating

Have you ever woken up on a chilly Melbourne morning and wished your floors were warmer underfoot? Then hydronic heating is ideal for you. It’s a myth to assume that hydronic heating can only be installed during construction or renovation phases. If you’re curious about adding hydronic heating to your existing home or business, reach out and schedule an obligation-free consultation with an N Group heating expert to find out how.

Hydronic heating offers world-class standards of luxury with a simple heating application. The process can be distilled into just three steps:

Step 01: Water or fluid is heated via a heat pump and buffer tank

Step 02: Heated water is circulated through a system of pipes either under your floor or through wall-mounted panels

Step 03: Radiant, gentle heat enters your living space and can heat your rooms in as little as 15 minutes (with zero moving parts to pose a safety risk, fire hazard, or scalding concern)

No. With few moving parts, you can expect to enjoy your new hydronic heating system for years without concern. At N Group, we provide regular maintenance services to ensure your home heating meets your needs for decades to come.