Premium and Safe Solar, Heating & Cooling

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Rising energy prices make a solar energy solution for your home or business the simple way to reduce bills, reduce grid reliance, and make sustainable choices.


At NGroup, we help you avoid:

  • Conflicting advice from multiple tradespeople
  • Costly mistakes from installing the wrong systems
  • Dodgy installation that poses a constant safety risk
  • Running out of power or hot water when you need it
  • Dealing with low-quality subcontractors

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It’s time to find the system that’s right for you

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Making the choice to transition to solar is easy. Finding the right solar installer? Not so much.

At N Group we’re committed to helping you find premium solar, heating, and cooling solutions to meet your budget and lifestyle needs. We believe the best choice for you is also the best choice for the environment, and that you should enjoy year-round comfort with technology that’s designed to be efficient and sustainable.

Enjoy solar technology so simple you can control it on your smartphone, like flipping through your favourite app, because we’re sick of low-quality solar products and people who see you as a dollar sign, so whether you need a little help or a lot, we’re here to assist.


Confused about choosing the right solar power system?

We know industry jargon and countless combinations for solar power can feel overwhelming, so we’ve pulled back the curtain. Download the guide to get industry secrets your solar installers DON’T want you to know.

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How to get started.




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We're looking to solve the industry's biggest problem...


At N Group we know you demand quality solar power, heating, and cooling.  To achieve this, you need leading advice and professional installers who view solar the same way you do - a proven way to slash your energy costs and a socially conscious way to power your home. 

The only problem? Endless misinformation, jargon, and options that leave you confused.

We also understand what it’s like to juggle different trades and their conflicting advice. That’s why we have a single point of contact from consultation to project completion. You’ll have one source for everything from great advice to professional installation, and a lifetime of comfort for you and your guests.

So, complete the ‘Get Started’ form below or give us a call to stop the confusion and create a custom solar plan just for you.  

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The N Group Guarantee

After 23 years in business, we know the frustration of being sold an inferior solar energy system or being left high and dry by your installation company. That’s why we offer the following industry-leading GUARANTEES.

  • Zero shortcuts guarantee
  • Clean-site guarantee
  • Leading safety equipment guarantee
  • Home protection guarantee
  • Leading brands guarantee (Tesla, Enphase, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, and more)
  • Professionalism guarantee
  • 10-year workmanship warranty guarantee

At N Group we know the difficulty of managing multiple trades and conflicting advice and provide a single point of contact for your selection and installation of high-quality solar power & heating and cooling systems - all delivered via user-friendly technology to keep you comfortable all year round.