Hydronic Wall Panel

Discover cost-effective heating for your Melbourne home or business. Clean, safe, and energy-efficient - that’s the hydronic wall heating advantage with N Group.

Whisper quiet and energy-efficient
hydronic wall heating is here


At N Group, we believe your Melbourne home or business is best suited to a holistic approach to hydronic heaters.

Gone are the days when you managed separate units and systems. Our innovative approach to design, installation, and maintenance across heating and cooling combines your solar panels with hydronic heating solutions.

The result?

A silent way to heat your home using natural convection and radiation through pipes. That’s how you heat a chilly room in as little as 15 minutes, all with the knowledge you’re using an eco-friendly and discrete heating solution.

If you’re interested in room-to-room temperature control, cheaper energy bills, and a wide range of design configurations, chat to a member of our team on 1300 647 687 today.

What is a hydronic wall heater?


Also known as a radiator, hydronic wall heaters take advantage of hydronic heating - an energy-efficient heat source with water circulated and heated through pipes within your wall unit. Unlike hydronic floor heating which is installed below your floor’s surface, hydronic wall panel heaters are installed as wall-mounted panels.

Unlike traditional space heaters (which only heat a limited “space”), hydronic wall heaters radiate heat from wall-mounted panels that cover a large surface area. That means you enjoy warm, comfortable, inviting temperatures that spread throughout your room. No more huddling around the family heater, at N Group, we’re here to help you make smart choices for your home heating needs.

How to choose the right hydronic wall heater

Compare your options

Not all hydronic wall heaters are the same. Make sure you compare products and providers to get a feel for what’s included, and what’s not. If you’d like an obligation-free quote or to speak to a home heating expert, we’re happy to chat.

Partner with a reputable provider

Saving money is great. Finding a home heating team that shares your vision for sustainable products is even better. At N Group, we proudly offer 10-year workmanship & installation warranties on all hydronic wall heating products for your lasting peace of mind.

Think about long-term savings

The initial outlay for a home hydronic wall system can be off-putting, but remember to focus on the bigger picture. Your new system will enjoy operational costs that are 2-3x cheaper than traditional alternatives. Over time, you can enjoy serious savings.

Stay flexible

It’s easy to assume that hydronic wall heating can’t be installed outside of a new home build or construction project - but that’s not true. Wall panels can be retrofitted in most homes with sub-floor access, so chat with our experts if you’re curious about making the switch.

What are the benefits of hydronic wall heating?


Advanced comfort

Hydronic wall heaters offer more than spot warmth. With heat radiating outwards, you can eliminate cold draughts and enjoy a steady, comfortable heat that isn’t overbearing or dry as a highly efficient way of heating your Melbourne home.

Space saving

Hydronic wall heaters are ideal for small spaces, with wall-mounted units able to be customised to meet your floorplan. This is extremely useful when you’re looking to make the most out of your available floor space, all without sacrificing the temperature control you need to enjoy your time at home.

Family friendly

Do you share your home with kids or pets? Hydronic wall heating provides advanced heating capabilities without any of the risks that come with gas or electric heaters. With zero electrical components to worry about, there’s no risk of fire. And as the internal water is circulated at 60 degrees celsius, your wall heater is safe to touch.

Energy efficient

Hydronic wall heaters run on a closed system - meaning water is re-circulated without heat dissipating. As your water comes back warm, less energy is needed to increase the temperature, and you can warm your home with your energy bills going down.

Frequently asked questions about hydronic wall heating

Yes. As the only visible part of the system, your wall units can be tailored to suit your home’s decor or your personal aesthetic style. With a wide range of styles and sizes, we can help customise your new system whether you want to blend in or make a visual statement.

At N Group, we’re driven to provide heating solutions for your Melbourne home or business with minimal disruption to your routine. Our trained, insured, and licensed heating specialists will install the outdoor unit and pipes to wall panels tailored to the size of your rooms.

Yes. However, while hydronic wall heating systems typically cost 2 to 3 times more than a ducted heating system, you can recoup your costs quickly as the average running costs are 2 to 3 times less when compared to ducted.